• The Winona Newspaper Project: almost as addictive as it is informative. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
  • The Pomeranian Genealogical Association is the place to go for baptism, marriage, and death records from Pomerania (including Kashubia), and is fully searchable in English.
  • The Polish Genealogical Association maintains an enormous database encompassing the entire country, but searching it can get a little tricky. If you figure it out, please notify the webmaster.
  • St. Mary’s and Woodlawn cemeteries in Winona, transcribed and HTMLized in 2001 by Becky Jonsgaard with the assistance of Sonia Henderson. Thanks for your labor of love, ladies!
  • is almost as addictive as the WNP, but with much better pictures.


  • is the Polish genealogy site.
  • Polish Genealogy Society of America is the Polish genealogy organization.
  • is a free service of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Draws on LDS databases and volunteer genealogy reports from both the US and Poland. Now offering free family tree hosting.
  • (a pay service) is especially valuable for searching American census, death, and marriage records. Also a good place to meet other genealogists with similar interests. The webmaster’s family tree (both Kashubian and Anglo) is hosted on
  • (a pay service) is especially good for tracing Polish ancestry, thanks to the untiring efforts of the prolific Kashubian supersleuth, Stanislaus von Zmuda Trzebiatowski. The webmaster uses to do research and to keep tabs on what Pan Stanislaus has found recently.

Other Resources