From June 28 to July 9, 2016, a group of 17 Kashubian descendants from the United States took a tour of Kashubia. Leaders of the tour were Dr. Joseph Hughes (Springfield, Missouri, USA) and Malgorzata Mazur (Gdansk). The tour was primarily designed for descendants of Winona Kashubans and for genealogists, although all interested people were welcomed. More details, including the original itinerary, can be viewed at Two of the major high points were visiting the Kashubian Museum at Szymbark and joining in the 18th World Meeting of Kashubians at Wdzydze.


By far the greatest part of the tour was the hospitality displayed wherever the group went in Kashubia. From formal banquets and cultural presentations to random conversations on the streets of remote Kashubian villages, the Kashubians did everything in their power to make the group feel at home in its old homeland. The feeling of connection the members of the group experienced on their trip is impossible to describe. Born and raised on two different continents, we are all still one Kashubian people. The picture taken below is from a luncheon and cultural presentation provided by Gmina Szemud and the local of the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association.