The Kashubians are an ethnic group living within northwestern Poland, mainly to the north, northwest, and west of the city of Gdansk. They like to call this region Kashubia, and they are not wrong to do so. The map at right gives an idea of where Kashubia is situated in Poland today. In some towns, Kashubians do make up the majority of inhabitants, but the Poles outnumber them overall. This is partially because many Kashubian families emigrated in the second half of the 19th century, including the Bambeneks of Lesno and the Pellowskis of Szwedzki Ostrow. Many emigrated to Winona, Minnesota, making it the Kashubian Capital of America. You can read more about the Kashubians and about Kashubia below. Even better, you can go to Poland and visit the Kashubians, as I do every year. They will be thrilled to see you and they will make you completely welcome. I can help make this happen for you. In summer 2016, I led a group of 18 North Americans who spent nine days visiting Kashubia: my 2017 talk about our experiences can be accessed from the YouTube page. My contact info is at the bottom of this page.

There are also some posts from my blog, Smiles in Boxes, which touch upon Winona’s Kashubian American community and sometimes feature some vintage pictures.